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Bitcoin core wallet no block source available

bitcoin core wallet no block source available

Dat file which youll find in your wallet core directory. Also it can get quite frustrating if the sync status is weeks behind or months behind. I have searched and found somebody with the same problem 2 years ago. Their issue is quite different; the wallet has got enough connections to the network but the wallet still says no block source available. Somebody suggested the following (Please read the whole thing before applying! Sorry if this has been answered but I couldn't find a solution. Once you are there only remove the following files and folders: blocks, chainstate,.lock,.walletlock, banlist. Example: -reindex, now the wallet status should change to Reindexing blocks on disk and it will rescan the blockchain for missing transactions. If not update wallet which will put back your wallet in the right chain. But if there are no active connections then it wont sync.

I got tor but that's about. This can happen occasionally where the sync progress bar gets stuck and the status line says no block source available. However, the problem is I thought they'd just come into the wallet (bitcoin core) but the wallet says no block source available.

Once you open your wallet it will connect to the network, find sources and it will start syncing eventually. If I open the console logs I can see that it tries to connect to nodes but I always get the conection resfused. Hope it resolves your issue. First close your wallet and navigate to its core folder. Edit: I discovered that the right command is addnode ip add but none of the above IP addresses seem to work anyway. You could try to: Download the blockchain as a file and import it force your client to switch to other peers have you tried turning it off and on again? He solved it by doing addnode addnode addnode addnode addnode addnode. So basically, I downloaded bittylicious, paid for some coins, they got sent, it should all be good. Make sure your firewall is not blocking and your wallet has got enough connections to the network. If there is a fork then first ensure that you are using the currently version wallet.

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